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Russia to begin constructing two nuclear reactors in Iran


Russia is ready to erect two nuclear reactors in Iran by 2016, said the spokesperson for the Iranian atomic agency on Tuesday.


The improvement comes a year after Tehran inked an agreement with Moscow to construct two reactors at the existing Russian-built Bushehr power plant in southern Iran.

A range of contracts had been inked between the two countries last year foresees ultimately multiplying the total number of Russian-built reactors in the country to nine. The beginning of construction follows a milestone deal between Iran and world powers in July that concluded ten-years-long standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program.


The agreement does not bound Iran’s progress of civilian nuclear sites.

Construction of the two reactors to be bankrolled by Iran, Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russia’s state nuclear company Rosatom, said last year.

Iran also plans to erect 20 more nuclear plants in the coming years, including four in Bushehr in order to lessen its reliance on oil and gas.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has eased restrictions on Russian companies, in November, to work on Iranian enrichment sites, to enable them helping modify centrifuges at the Fordo enrichment site and back Tehran re-mould its Arak heavy water reactor.

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