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‘Quran discourages eating beef’: Billboards erected in Gujarat, India


AHMEDABAD: An Indian Muslim leader admonished on Wednesday of communal turmoil in the wake of a claim by state government claiming the Holy Quran discourages eating beef, the latest controversial attempt to save cows in the Hindu-majority country.


Gujarat government has hoisted billboards bearing alleged Quranic verse saying ‘eating beef causes disease’, accompanied by an Islamic symbol of a crescent moon and star.

Rigid Hindu groups have long pressurised for a national prohibition on the slaughter of cows which they belief sacred. However, the tactic to save cows have escalated since Modi’s Hindu national Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held the office after last year’s general elections.


Couple of Indian states have brought in a ban on slaughtering the cows and selling their flesh, a decision that critics consider will create discrimination and deprive Muslims and other minorities from cheap meat protein.

According to Shabbir Alam, Ahmedabad citizen, the billboards were an attack on Islam as no such thing is mentioned in the Holy Book.

“Such hoardings can spark violence and disturb the peace between the two communities,” the cleric told the media.

“Anything which is not from the Quran and publicised as part of the holy book is an insult to Islam. I strongly condemns this act of the Gujarat government,” he added.

Meanwhile, the move has been made weeks before the Muslims are scheduled to celebrate Eid ul Adha, a three-day event to commemorate the greatest sacrifice of Prophet Ibraham (AS). It is sunnah of the Prophet to slaughter animals on this occasion.

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  5. So Gujarat now bans both alcohol AND beef? Not to mention the rise of VHP RSS and the presence of groups like “durga vahini” who are more numerous in Gujarat than anywhere else. Looks like Gujaratis are becoming the new intolerant Pathans of the subcontinent.

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