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Pope Francis surprises his followers by telling he worked as a bar bouncer


Pope Francis revealed facts about his early life when he used to work as a bar bouncer.


Everyone knows that St. Peter guards the pearly gates. However, Pope Francis revealed a surprising fact about his early life that he used to guard the door at a bar in Argentina.

The 76 year old Roman Catholic priest disclosed his previous vocation in a rural community visit to the church of San Cirrllo Alessandrino in a working class region on the outskirts of Rome on Sunday, the Catholic News Service reported.


The Pope himself disclosed the astonishing chunk of his previous life when he was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, during a four hour conversation in which he also talked about sweeping the floors and running test in a chemical lab as a teenager.

The confession is another example of Francis growing reputation as a “pope of the people”. Earlier he has washed the feet of prisoners and has shown an interest to appear wherever the faithful gather. Last month his photos of kissing the head of a tumor infected patient, became viral on social media, depicting his dedication to help poor.

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