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PM Nawaz Sharif arrives in Dushanbe, Tajikistan for two day official visit


DUSHANBE: Prime minister of Pakistan has reached Dushanbe for two day official visit to attend an international conference on Water for life.


PM will lead the delegation which includes Federal Minister of Water And Power Khawaja Mohammad Asif and Advisor Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi.

United nation secretary general Ban Ki-Moon will also present in conference. Main issue which is going to be discussed in the meeting will be water and sanitation problem in Asian countries. Most common problem is safe drinking water in sub continent, 17 Pakistani companies are being involved in this conference to support Pakistan in favor of Tajikistan in United nations.

On the other hand, PM and Tajikistan authorities will also discuss the progress of Central Asia – South Asia ( casa ) 1,000 megawatt electric supply project, which is expected to be completed in 2018. China – Pakistan Economic Corridor is being appreciated by Tajikistan, as it is being considered cheapest route for shipping goods among all Asian Countries.


In addition of that, a proposal will be presented in the conference for oil supply through Pakistan route to Tajikistan, because they are planning to import crude oil from Kuwait via Pakistan and it will be refined before shipment to Dushanbe.

an official said ” Tajikistan has asked for assistance from Pakistani government in this regard and it is expected that during this trip, a proposal will be there to go through it to fix this issue for them.

Pakistan and Tajikistan are very good in bilateral trade volume, which was $ 100 million last year and it was in favor of Pakistan, for coming years both countries are interested to increase this volume in next five years up to half a billion dollars.

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