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Photos of American Immigrants at Ellis Island, from the camera of Augustus Sherman


During 1800 to 1900, many immigrants travelled from one corner of the United States to other corner or in other countries. For this difficult travel, they had to travel from Germany, India, Romania, Greece, Lapland, Guadeloupe and had no choice of bypassing Ellis Island.


The photos shows below are those immigrants that were taken by the Augustus Sherman, a registry clerk on Ellis Island from 1892 to 1925. He took the photographs of those immigrants in their native dress. In 1907, these photos were published in National Geographic and later on became the part of the New York Public Library.

Here are the photos of American immigrants when they arrived on Elis Island. All showing their folk costumes like embroidered vests, wooden clogs, aprons, tasseled hats, bonnets and tattoos.

Photos of Americans Immigrants at Ellis Island, from the camera of Augusts Sherman

1. Three Dutch women

Identified as ‘Mother and her two daughters from Zuid-Beveland, province of Zeeland.


2. Gypsy family

Identified in Peter Mesenholler


3. Alsace-Lorraine girl

Identified as ‘Girl from the Kochersberg region near Strasbourg, Alsace’ in Peter Mesenholler


4. Bavarian man

Identified as ‘Wilhelm Schleich, a miner from Hohenpeissenberg, Bavaria’2

5. German stowaway

Tattooed German stowaways deported May, 1911.3

6. Girl from Rattvik, province of Dalarna, Sweden.

Formerly identified as ‘Norwegian girl’4

7. Norwegian woman

Formerly titled ‘Swedish woman;’ costume is from the west coast of Norway.5

8. Lapland children, possibly from Sweden6

9. Russian Cossacks7

10. Ruthenian woman9

11. Slovak woman and children10

12. Romanian women12


13. Romanian piper13

14. Serbian Gypsies

Identified in Peter Mesenholler14

15. Albanian soldier15

16. Greek soldier

Identified as ‘Greek evzone or Palace Guard’ in Peter Mesenholler16

17. Rev. Joseph Vasilon, Greek-Orthodox priest

Identification from Peter Mesenholler17

18. Italian woman18

19. Algerian man19

20. Three women from Guadeloupe20

21. Scottish boys21

22. Hindu boy26

23. Turkish man27

24. Immigrants being registered at one end of the Main Hall, U. S. Immigration Station22

25. A bearded immigrant appearing before a board of inquiry23

Source: New York Public Library

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