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Petition seeking Nobel Peace Prize for Abdul Sattar Edhi crosses 56,000 signs


Rubena Kashwar has wrote a letter to Nobel peace prize committee in Norway requesting to assess and evaluate the dedication of Pakistan’s philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi in order to nominate him for Nobel Peace Prize.


Rubena, who lives in the United Kingdom, has uploaded the letter on a site getting users’ signature on the petition so that it may be submitted with considerable support from around the world.

The petition received almost 56,000 votes within two days while the target set by the petitioner is 75,000 votes, which probably be achieved in less than half-day from the time of making this report.

The petitioner has described the Edhi Foundation and its founder in a precise way in the letter.


The letter reads: “The Edhi Foundation is a non-profit unique social welfare program in Pakistan founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1951 as one man operating from a single room in Karachi. This amazing foundation now has over 300 centres across the country including centres all over the world providing 24 hour emergency assistance across Pakistan and also abroad. The foundation also gave relief to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Some of the many services provided include shelter for the destitute, free hospitals, education, healthcare and orphanages. The value of these necessary services can’t be over-estimated in a nation where 60.3%  of the population live under £2 per day and 40 million people live in poverty. The noble and unassuming man is a living saint who has devoted his life to address both the causes and results of such inequity, is no failing health. He is worthy of recognition of his remarkable achievements during his life-time and will leave a rare humanitarian legacy to continue long after he is gone. Let’s all united and sign this petition and make sure the Nobel Peace Prize Committee honour this man with the Nobel Peace Prize.

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