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Pakistani news channel claims Donald Trump was born in Pakistan: Video


Pakistani local channels are not that much well adapted with the sarcasm and netizens approach on social media, and that is why they take these cyber jokes too hard and report it as the true story. The same thing happens as in an unprecedented move Donald Trump became the 45th president of U.S. after beating the strong Democratic contest Hillary Clinton.


People around the globe got surprised with these results, and many grabbed their keyboards to express their feelings over this result. A trend on Pakistani social media rise with claiming that Donald Trump was born in Waziristan, Pakistan and was named Dawood Ibrahim. Some fake photos also started revolving on social media. Many believing that everything on the internet is true,  also believed this fake report travelling on social media just for laughter.


A local news channel also reported this ‘fake news’ with showing certain possibility of Trump’s ancestral  belonging to Pakistan.

Pakistani news channel claims Donald Trump was born in Pakistan 

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  1. dawood ibrahim RAW agent

    well actually the writer of this piece of crap is an idiot you are stupid if you think pakistani news channels are that stupid to consider it true,u r dumb arse and if you know urdu language you would know how stupid as fck u sound right now because this neo news network which reported this story is not endorsing it in fact on the contrary they are making fun of this rumor as in how can some one even come up with such stupid stories.there are more than 20 news outlets and this neo news is no where close to any of those news outlets it’s not famous and even this news channel only reported this stupid story just so to make fun of it not endorse it you stupid fck,you must be an Indian baboon who despise Pakistan or some one who does not know urdu language in that case i strongly suggest to ask some one for English transcript before you go all judgmental.

  2. dawood ibarhim RAW agent

    they are not “claiming” that he is dawood ibrahim from pakistan you buffoon this news channel is actually making fun of this story.stop being an idiot yourself.if you dont know urdu language kindly ask some one who does.

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