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Pakistani ladies stranded in Yemen appealed President for help [Video]


A video featuring two Pakistani ladies, stranded in Yemen, have appealed president to help them withdraw from Yemem.


The lady, who speaks in this video, said that there were a number of other Pakistanis including children, girls and men who were surrounded in Yemen and were unable to travel even to the distance of half-mile as there were bombing outside.

They said they had apprehensions about their safety and they could not get themselves left the area. She put a question to president that ‘if there were his daughter or wife instead of these ladies, what would he do’.


She deplored the fact that Pakistan is just arguing whether to become ally to KSA or Yemen.

“We are just like their daughter. If they consider for a moment that if they could take certain steps for one girl – Malala -, how many such girls are there looking for some help from their homeland?”

She said all the Pakistanis in Yeme are the representatives of Pakistan. She desperately appealed the president to help them.

Here is the Video:

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