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Pakistani beheaded in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking


Pakistani sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia. According to the reports Pakistani was beheaded on Sunday for drug trafficking, this becomes the 84th execution sentence by Saudi Arabia so far in this year.


According to Amnesty Saudi is ranked among top three executioners of 2014.

Saudi Arabia obeys Islamic Sharia Law, in accordance to it Drug trafficking, rape, apostasy and armed robbery are sentenced as execution of the person.

In a statement by the Saudi ministry, Iftikhar Mohammed was found guilty on smuggling heroin to the capital in balloons concealed in his stomach.

According to the sources, Pakistani drug trafficker was beheaded in Jeddah.


Saudi Arabia is often criticised over its strict laws and many raised their voices to human right watchdogs,but all this remain of no use.

List of Top 3 executioners in 2014

China tops the list of executioners in 2014, as there are thousands of executions are carried and are kept as state secret, following this exact number of executions can not be known.

Iran spots 2nd by having 289 sentences officially announced and at least 454 other were not acknowledged by the authorities.

Saudi Arabia becomes third on the list with 90 executions,but in 2015 Saudi authorities have executed 84 so far,if they will keep on going with the same ratio,number of executions will be doubled as they were in 2014.

Source: Amnesty International

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