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Pakistani artist Shazia Sikandar illuminates NY Time Square


Another Pakistani blood living in the State has glittered New York’s Time Square with a new look. Shazia Sikandar has used her digital skill on the electric billboards all around the Times Square that will continue shining the Square for the whole month of October.


The materialization of digital art is part of the Midnight Moment, a monthly presentation by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts.

Earlier, the Pakistani born Shazia was discovered to be genius in digital art by MacArthur Foundation back in 2006 and she has led exhibitions at top museums across the world since then. According to her, art is a ‘ticket to life’.


However, the thing that distinguishes her from other artists is her skill in the centuries-old handmade form of art, known as ‘Indo’Persian’ miniature paintings, seen in the Islamic empires of the bygone days.


The art genius has manipulated hundreds of digitally animated drawings to develop a swarming and collective attitude as an observable chunk of art known as ‘Gopi-Contagion’. (Gopi is the form of art that has been observed from the Indian Hindus of the past showcasing the expression of the cosmos by the female devotees of a Hindu God), this is what has been put for display on the Times Square right now and will till the end of this month.



The Lahore born Shazia had studied Fine Arts at the National College of Aarts and moved to the United States later on to complete her Masters in Fine Arts in 1995 from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design. Ever since, she has been living in the State and becomes a permanent denizen of the US.


She has received number of awards including the inaugural of the Medal of Art presented by the former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, in 2012.


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