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Pakistan will not participate in battle that splits Muslim Ummah: Khawaja Asif


ISLAMABAD: Federal Defence Minister Khawja Asif elucidating Pakistan’s role in the Yemen battle said no verdict to participate has yet been taken.


Addressing in the National Assembly, Mr Asif made it clear that Pakistan merely pledged to safeguard the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

He emphasized on Pakistan’s role as ‘mediator’ to conclude the conflicts in the Muslim world.

“Instead of aggravating the situation by participating in it, Pakistan should do what it can to prevent it – for the alliance and unity of the Muslim world,” said Mr Asif.

“Pakistan is ready to adopt whatever role is needed in order to facilitate the termination of conflicts in the Islamic world,” he added.


“We will not take part in any conflict that could result in difference in the Muslim world, causing fault-lines present in Pakistan to be disturbed, the aggravation of which will have to be borne by Pakistan,” he said.

Earlier, Pakistan received a request from Riyadh to send forces to help combating against Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi movement. While, the request has been received at a time when the Pakistan army is busy in eradicating militants from its territory under the operation Zarb-i-Azb.

Mr Asif’s reference to ‘fault-lines’ hints at Pakistan’s extended sectarian conflict as a result of which Shiite and other religious minorities are targeted in tit for tat killings by fanatic factions.

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