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Pakistan consipired the attack on Abdullah, Afghanistan alleged


Afghanistan has made an allegation to the foreign intelligence services for orchestrating the recent assassination attempt on the most promising Presidential candidate, Abdullah Abdullah, making an allusion to Pakistan.


Abdullah escaped the target-attempt by a narrow margin, when bombings erupted on his motorcade, during an election campaign.

Afghanistan’s National Security Council, ANSC , chaired by Hamid Karzai,has established through initial investigations, that the nexus exist between foreign intelligence services and Lashkar-e-Taiba, in hatching the assassination plan, designed with the ultimate goal of sabotaging the election process in Afghanistan.

Historically, Pakistan remained aligned with the former Taliban regime and so the Afghan officials have had been expressing their grave concerns regarding the alleged nexus between movement and Islamabad’s intelligent services.


The enunciation of last week’s official statement from Afghanistan, in which she threatened of prematurely quitting the security talks by holding Pakistani army reprehensible for cross-border attacks, ensued the current accusation,levelled against Pakistani armed forces.

THE ANSC has accused Pakistani military of  launching rocket attacks against the country, which were actually designed to dismantle the balloting, to be held on June14, thereby sabotaging the election process.

The assassination attempt on Abdullah has received profound disapproval and grievous concern of the International community,inlcuding United States and UN Security Council.

Presently, Afghanistan stands in the middle of the election process for the appointment of the future President.

Abdullah couldn’t garner as much as fifty-percentage majority’s threshold vote to have proven himself victorious in the first phase of elections, in April. He would be contesting with the former World Bank economist,Ashraf Ghani in the follow-up period.

The ANSC considers the Friday’s attack on Abdullah as the worst to have occurred during the election process to date.

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