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Pakistan beat India in Trading and Business


NEW YORK/CANBERRA: Pakistan beats India in International Market by getting score 53.9 which put it to Number 107 while India stands on 128 with the score of 47. However, in the departments such as Education, Law, and Freedom of Speech along with several other social institutions, Pakistan not only inferior to India but also to Northern Asian countries like Bhutan as well.


In the department of education Pakistan stands at 141 slot after being awarded only 10.7 Numbers in such an important department, while China lies at the top with 71.3 scores in education.


World Intellectual Property Rights (WIPR), which is the subsidiary department of Cornell University Australia and the United Nations, had conducted the shared seventh annual Global Innovation Index (GII) survey according to which Pakistan in different institutions is far behind than the North Asian countries including Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan which are considered to be having less sources than Pakistan.

GII does prepare the report about innovation, evolution and progress in economy of approximately 150 countries of the world. And during the past seven years, this survey has achieved significance due to its utility.

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