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Pak Defence Minister the most ‘inactive’ person: Hinna Rabbani Khar said on Al-Jazeera


The former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Hinna Rabbani Khar had faced quite twirling situation when Hassan of Al-Jazeera took her back to 2011 when Osama Bin Laden was discovered in Pakistan when she was the minister of the country.


The anchor, who is well-known due to his pinching way of questioning, asked the former minister that whether she was aware about the existence of Bin Laden in Pakistan or not. He asked her that what her reaction was when she came to know about the operation at the Compound in Abbotabad in which Bin Laden was found.

‘It was completely, I think ‘shocked’ would be underselling it’, replied the former minister adding, ‘I mean we went still. We didn’t know what happened, and we went still. We didn’t know how to react also.’


She revealed that the defence minister of Pakistan during the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) regime was the most ‘inactive’ person who knew nothing what’s going on.

As she said so, the witty anchor said that the former defence minister would be the next in his show.

Bin Laden was found in a Compound in the northern area of Pakistan, Abbotabad when the country was under the ruling of PPP. Since the day of Laden’s discovery from the country’s soil, it has been a burning issue to whether the government was aware of his being in Pakistan or not.


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