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Pak & China to collaborate in space technology under CPEC


Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal put forward a space technology alliance between Pakistan and China.


The minister proposed the idea during a meeting forum for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that held in Karamay-Xinjiang last week. The proposal is made a part of the Karamay-Xinjiang after getting approval as the declaration got approved unanimously after the two-day meeting concluded.

At the end of the session, the minister for development said that bilateral association on space technology will earn both countries a new level of bondage. He stressed upon a collaborated launch of space missions consisting of astronauts belonging to both countries.

“This is the strength of the CPEC to increase more connectivity between the two friendly countries. It will shape up the future destiny of both the nations through communication linkages,” said the minister.


Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Sun Weidong, was also present in the CPEC forum. He termed the meetings as successful in boosting understanding among the associated stakeholders for implementing the CPEC.

At least 300 officials, businesspersons and public figures had also taken part in the two-day forum.

It has also been decided at the forum that such meetings should be made a permanent platform to examine the project and present collaboration on broader sides. The forum will also be utilized to ensure the projects real goals of promoting Pakistan-China ties.

Meanwhile, China is a member of the International Space Station and has a vast network of global satellites serving military and civilian purposes. So, if the written association project achieves a substantial recognition and includes some joint operations, it could let Pakistan to learn a lot from China’s experience in the space technology field.

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