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Overseas students banned to take science courses to control terrorism in UK


LONDON: Overseas students have reportedly been banned from taking courses teaching nuclear, chemical and bilogical warfare at UK universities due to security reasons, ibtimes.co.uk reported.


According to report, an estimates 739 international students have been denied from admitting in specific university courses following concerns that they might use the knowledge to help carry out terrorist attacks.

The report further revealed, The Academic Technology Approval Scheme that was launched by the government in 2007 is used to examine students outside the European Union (EU) when they apply to certain science courses that could be used to create lethal weapons of mass destruction.


“The fact 739 students have had to be barred indicates this is grounds for serious concerns. It is extraordinary given the threat we face for the Government to go on refusing to extend this to those in the UK. We have made the recommendation for at least two years but it has been consistently rejected.”, The chairman of the Committee on Arms Exports Controls, Sir John Stanley MP, told the Sun on Sunday.

According to the Foreign Office, Almost 20,000 applications of foreign students were received by universities last year under to the scheme.

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