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Osama Bin Laden’s unseen photos


The Cable News Network (CNN) has revealed at least 31 photos of late Osama bin Laden along with his hideouts’ images and the areas’ where he used to be.


The newly unveiled images and photos were taken while he was in Afghanistan – before and after the 9/11. These photos were taken by CNN representatives during various interviews with Osama who was known as one of the ‘most wanted’ men on earth at the end of 20th and beginning of 21th century.


In these images, Bin Laden is seen holding arms, sitting in his chamber, being interviewed, strolling outside his hideout, etc. The interesting thing about these photos is that no one has ever seen these images before and these are unveiled after almost 4 years of his doom.

Meanwhile, Osama bin Laden had been a major threat for West, especially, for America during the last decade of 20th century. However, he topped the list of most wanted people in the world after 9/11 – the incident which caused transforming the world.

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