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Orlando Airport to construct prayer room facilitating Muslim travelers of Emirates


Many excuses are there to avoid prayers, but recognizing the necessity of Muslim worhip form, Orlando International Airport is about to add a prayer place for Muslims since Emirates Airlines came up with non-stop flights in an out of Orlando in March.


The airport will be spending approximately $250,000 to construct a prayer room that will open for Emirates’ inaugural flight on September 1. The place will also include ablution facility, carry-on-luggage bins and shoe racks, and there will be directional signs for north, south, east and west to guide the Qibla direction.

Director of Orlando airport Phil Brown confirmed in black an white to the Orlando Sentina, stating, “Orlando is truly becoming a global community, and we want to be able to accommodate and provide high-quality amenities for all our passengers.”


At the moment, Muslims travellers at Orlando International Airport have to offer their prayers in public or in restrooms. Some also go to a small nondenominational chapel on Airside B because it has a couple for prayer mats for their use.

The airport chaplain, Father Robert Susann said that it is pretty usual to see Muslims offering prayer in the chapel. “We try to cover everybody,” said Susann. “We are doing the best we can,” he added.

Further, the Imam Muhammad Musri, who is the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said that the room will also be open to people belonging to any religion.

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