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Obama orders American Forces to air-spy over Syria


WASHINGTON DC: to observe the activities of Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, American President has directed US forces to keep surveillance over Syria.


According to a foreign news agency, which claimed in accordance with the American officials, that Obama has orders the US forces to keep an eye on Syria in order to observe the totalitarian groups in the region.

The American spokesperson was of the view that with this decision, the aiming on the targets in Syria will be made more accurate.

However, on the other hand, the Syrian government rejecting the Obama’s move said that America has no right to invade the region.


“It should stay away from entering into the premises of Syria in the disguise of aerial-guard,” he said.

Meanwhile, it should be kept in mind that US forces have also attacking the hideouts of Common Islamic Wealth in Iraq as well. Upon this the organization had killed an abducted American journalist few days back.

Moreover, American administration has been showing solemn apprehensions regarding the establishment of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). And it is obvious from the concerning move in this regard by the US President.


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