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Obama invites Nawaz, Modi for ‘Nuclear Security Summit Moot’ at Washington


President of the United States Barack Obama has invited the leaders of two neighbouring nuclear-powers to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, starting from March 31 the next year.


The fourth Nuclear Security Summit had been announced by Obama during the previous session f the moot in 2014.

The conference will be offering the first planned chance of 2016 to pursue the highly anticipated bilateral relations which have witnessed melting the frozen ties between the two countries at the very high level this year. Following a couple of secrete meetings between the two leaders, the Indian premier paid a surprise visit to Lahore to attend Nawaz Sharif’s grand-daughter’s wedding on Friday. It was the first visit by any Indian PM in about last ten years.


The visit suggests a betterment in relations between the arch-rivals along with it also affords both the countries to agree on a meeting between their respective foreign secretaries by the mid of next month to begin dialogues again.

“Prime Minister Modi’s unexpected visit to Lahore is a welcome development. Let us hope it leads to an improvement in trust between Delhi and Islamabad,” said R Nicholas Burns, Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

“I hope this thaw will permit India and Pakistan and Afghanistan to work successfully together on stabilising the region,” a senior fellow for India, Pakistan and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Alyssa Ayres said.

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