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No Religion is responsible for Terrorism and Extremism: President Obama


WASHINGTON: No religion is responsible for terrorism and extremism-people are responsible for violence and terrorism, said by U.S. President Barack Obama Thursday (today) to delegates at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.


While addressing on the last day of the Summit, Obama said, “he doesn’t use the terms like Islamic extremism because doing so would promote the false idea of a Western war with Islam, which would help extremists recruit more terrorists”.

He further added, “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are selected by some people as Islamic heroes and leaders from the Islamic text. Of course, the terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims who reject their ideology. They no more represent Islam than any madman who kills innocents in the name of God, represents Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism.”

Until now, we have focused on the military fight against Islamic militants but now, it’s time to keep pace in the ideology aspect . He urged the Western and Muslim leaders and communities to unite to defeat the “false promises of extremism” and reject Islamic militants claims to represent Islam.


Muslim religious leaders also presented their point of view on the current international affairs and raised the need of mutual harmony between countries and communities.

The White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, which started Tuesday and brings together local officials from across the country and ministers from around the world, follows recent shootings in Copenhagen and Paris that have galvanized Western resolve against such extremist attacks.

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  1. Mr. President we may choose to live with a snake. But prudence dictates an increased expenditure of energy to make sure he does not choose to sleep coiled around ones neck. Islam is not like an ordinary religion Mr. Obama.

    Islam has no prophet of peace. It continues in the minds of many to adhere to the barbarism of it’s beginnings. Islam has no Jesus to teach them to live peacefully with all men as much as possible, Islam has no Jesus to teach them to turn the other cheek, Islam has no Jesus to teach them that unless they are perfect to lay down their stones. Islam has no Jesus to teach them the love of God for mankind. The God of Islam did not become a man to walk among them and teach them there is a better way. Yes many will say that Jesus “was” a great prophet. But they deny His contemporary authority in their lives.

    Islam has no prophet to teach them a better way. So, many stay stuck in the barbarism of the past. With no Prophet sent by their God to teach them different, that barbarism will always stand at the ready to exercise itself too easily. Until the barbarism of ancient Islam is condemned by a new prophet from their God, make the necessary changes or additions to their scriptures, we, the “tolerant” Americans must always sleep with one eye open as long as they are in our midst.

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