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No link between Islam and Extremism: French PM Manuel Valls


PARIS: There is no link between Islam and extremism said by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the first meeting of the “Forum for Dialogue with Islam in France” held on Monday at the Ministry of Interior, France.


Addressing to the opening ceremony of dialogue forum, French Prime Minister has said, “Islam is in France to stay. This is the second religion of our country. We must therefore fight the battle of consciences and bring out into the open what the reality of Islam in France.”

It will aim to set in motion and build Islam in France reflecting, among other things, training imams and financing of mosques.

The forum was established in a wake of jihadist attacks in Paris in January that killed 17 people. After these attacks, France has seem a spike in reports of anti-Muslim acts, including a three-fold rise in vandalism targeting mosques. According to Interior Ministry of France, around 150 federations officials, rectors of mosques, imams, chaplains, theologians, Islamic scholars and members of civil society have attended the first day of forum titled: the construction and managements of mosques and training if imams and chaplains.

“We must find in ourselves the means to overcome our fractures, to the striking demonstration of how Islam is compatible with democracy, how we can continue to create that French model. This is the message that our Nation has sent – and how hard” French PM Manuel Valls


French government is planning that as the majority of the imams come from abroad, the government would like that they have mastered the French and have a university education with courses on secularism and religious history.

“I would like us to fight together against this feeling of resignation. Victims must report the acts and threats to which they are subjected,” said French PM. Religious scholars and leaders on their turn debated security at religious sites, the image of Islam in the media and the building of new mosques.

Translation: LT @ BCazeneuve day dialogue with the cult # Muslim : “A foundation for a better understanding of Islam will be created this year”

Translation: LT @ BCazeneuve day dialogue with the cult # Muslim : “The French Muslim must be listened to and respected”

Translation: First meeting of the forum for dialogue with the # Islam of France: what s’agit-il?

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