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New Pentagon Chief in Kabul to seek future of American army


Kabul: The Pentagon’s new chief, Ashton Carter visits Kabul just one day after taking control, made an unannounced visit. According to the sources, he will meet commanders and Afghan leaders, will also take important decisions regarding American army.


“The reason for this destination, Afghanistan, in my very first week in office as the secretary of defense is because this is still where we have 10,000 American troops. They come first in my mind, always,” Carter told.

He also said that he would meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and other leaders “so that I can make my own assessment of that progress and my own assessment of the way forward.” New Pentagon chief told reporters in his plane, before landing in Kabul.


From 2001 to 2014 of American troops were deployed to Afghanistan, on 31 ,2014, 1 lac 30 thousand American troops, British troops (numbering approximately 10,000) were withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The remaining 10,000 would come back from Afghanistan till the Obama leaves office in two years, according to the decision of American President Obama.

American forces were sent to Afghanistan to fight against Taliban and Al Qaeda after the attack of 9/11.

Carter have also planned meeting with American troops outside of Kabul, after meeting with Afghan president.

According to the sources, Carter’s visit to Kabul will really play vital role in planning future of American army and for the countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan ,which are under the terrorists attack.

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