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Neutrality on Yemen crisis: Resolution passed in Pakistan-NA


ISLAMABAD: The joint parliamentary session discussing Yemen crisis has endorsed a resolution on the fifth day of the session after the consensus of the lawmakers of the House.


‘Pakistan will stand shoulder to shoulder with Saudi Arabia and its people, if any threat to Haramain Sharifain,’ the resolution says.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar presented the resolution during the fifth day of joint session called for discussing upon Yemen conflict.

Although implying that Islamabad should desist from helping Riyadh military, the resolution added that Pakistan ought to stand beside Saudi Arabia to protect the latter’s territorial integrity. However, no conspicuous statement was provided on whether Pakistan would or wouldn’t involve its military for protecting or supporting Saudi Arabia.

The lawmakers approved the resolution unanimously on the Saudi-led offensive against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The joint session was called after the Saudi government approached Islamabad for Pakistani military support in the ongoing situation and join the Saudi-let military coalition that started carrying out air strikes last month against rebellious groups in Yemen.


The resolution said that the crisis in Yemen could ‘plunge the region into turmoil’, calling upon the warring factions in Yemen to resolve their differences ‘peacefully and through dialogue’.

It expressed that while the conflict in Yemen isn’t sectarian kind, it could be turned into a sectarian war and thereby having critical fallout in the region. It also said that the government should take steps to move the UN Security Council and the OIC to bring about an instant ceasefire in Yemen.



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