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Mysterious valley of Dwarfs in Chinese province Sichuan


Yangsi, a remote village in China’s Sichuan province, had been mysterious for decades. 36 of 80 villagers are shorter than average human, ranging between 2 feet 1 inch to 3 feet 10 inch. That is too large proportion to be categorized as haphazard, but scientist are unable to explain the phenomenon.


Today, Yangsi is known as the ‘Village of Dwarfs’. According to their elder, they were normal humans but one summer night the region struck with a vile disease when years ago, a man named Wang spotted a black turtle with a strange feet. Villagers wanted to let it go, but Wang roasted and ate luscious sea food. Later, several locals suffered from incurable disease which affected young children of age 5 to 7. These children lost their ability to grow and left as they were, before disease.



Examining the water, soil, grain and affected individuals in the laboratory, could not lead scientists and experts to determine the cause behind the condition. It remains clueless today, as it was some 60 years ago. A theory in 1997, relate the phenomenon to high concentration of mercury in the soil, but could not been proven yet.

According to the writings of District officials, the strange disease was discovered in 1951. A survey identifies 119 new cases in 1985, proving that the disease has transmitted to next generation as well.

Though Chinese authorities don’t deny the existence of village but the place is not open for foreigners yet. So all we know about them are a few photos from natives and some rumors. Although, officially condition was recorded in 1951, dwarfs sighted even in 1911 also. In 1947, English scientist Dr. Karyl Robin Evans claimed to visit the same valley of dwarfs.

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