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Muslim woman Huda Alkaff being honored by White House for the environmental work


US is among a dozen people set to be honored by the White House for their efforts for protecting communities from climate change, just like a Muslim woman from Wisconsin.


Huda Alkaff who has spent over a decade promoting environmental defense as an Islamic ethic will be honoured as a ‘Champion of Change.’

Statement by White House, ‘These champions demonstrated clear leadership across the United States and around the world through their grassroots efforts to green their communities and educate others on the moral and social justice implications of climate change.’

Huda Alkaff is the founder and director of Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin, she is known as Wisconsin Green Muslims. The overwhelmed Alkaff said that It is an honor for her.


She also said that though she stood out amongst others for her services, adding into that, she would be receiving the honor on behalf of everyone in the Muslim and other interfaith communities. It is a collective effort. She added further.

She is also a founding member of the Interfaith Earth Network and Wisconsin Interfaith Power and Light.

According to the website, the certificate acknowledges faith linked organizations that undertake educational, spiritual and practice initiatives aiming at conserving water and protecting water quality. Earlier, Wisconsin Green Muslims has previously received the national Green Faith Water Shield certification.

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