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Music in Afghanistan: Negin becomes first female conductor in the country


After having faced long restrictions on arts, Afghanistanis are making their ways to show their potentials in different areas of arts and culture. Now, the time has come for Afghanistan as first female conductor has emerged from the country, reported BBC.


Negi Khpolwak, a 17-year-old student at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, leads a concert of all-female ensemble in the territory affected by terrorists attacks.

“All I want is to become an outstanding concert pianist and conductor, not only in Afghanistan, but in the world,” Negin told BBC.

The talented young music lover belongs to an underprivileged family in the Kunar province and has no musical background whatsoever.



“Girls in Kunar don’t go to school and many families don’t allow them to study music. So, I had to go to Kabul to fulfill my dream. My father helped me,” said the girl.

She revealed that her father obliged her as he sent her to a children’s home in Kabul at the age of nine for in order to get education.

Negin’s parents were quite supportive in educating her, however, mother and uncles were not happy at with her inclination for learning music.


“My uncle told us, ‘No girls in our family should learn music. It’s against tradition,” she said.

About her first performance as a conductor, Negin said: “It was my first time. I was so happy. I cried when I got on the stage and saw all the people in the audience. I want Afghanistan to be like other countries in the world, where girls can become pianists and conductors.”

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