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Mother’s day: Incomplete without Mother’s message


Today on 10th of May Mother’s day is widely celebrated across the globe including Pakistan. This day is noted as to pay tribute to the mothers, the greatest manifestation of affection in the World.


The day is celebrated as kids gives gift to their mothers and share their heartiest feeling with the greatest creation by God.

The families look for a grand-get together, as children of the family provides maximum of their time with families, out of their busy schedule.

Especially the quotes are much famous on the day to express gratitude to mothers.

I will never be criticizing on the day but without sharing the real subject of the day, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. As today in our fast lives of 21st century we have become ‘robots’, are able to do much but not able to feel something. We even have no time for our families, especially the mother, who gave uncountable sacrifices for us.

Today giving 1 day for a women who served her entire life to make us happy, wouldn’t be enough, we should spend maximum of our time with our mothers.

Many of the organizations arranged functions to show respect and dignity to the mothers, widely across the globe.


I would like to share a message of a mother, what she says about the day “The day has its own charm, when the waiting mothers have chance to see their children, for whom they spent their whole life but this smile never lasts long as this is just one day, when the celebrations our made for mothers and are lauded for what they are doing for nation. Being a mother, I would also advice the Children when you hit each other, harm each other, bombard each other or kill each other its not your loss, it hurts the mother, so on this day I would request you to take care of what mothers have provided you.”

History of Mother’s day
Two women are mainly known to upheld Mother’s day. The first one is Julia Ward Howe and the second is Anna Jarvis. Julia Ward celebrated Mother’s day each year in around 1870 to praise the mothers and to promote pacifism and disarmament with women. Later,in 1908 Anna Jarvis organized Mother’s day in Grafton, West Virginia at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church. Her campaign to make ‘Mother’s Day’ a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year in which her beloved mother passed away.

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