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Modifail.com: Oversease Indians launch website against Modi


The website is given URL as: www.Modifail.com that describes ‘failures’ of the Modi government in different departments of India in detail.


Meanwhile, the AFA also held a protest at the SAP Centre on September 27, 2015 under the banner ‘ModiFail’ to expose the fact behind Modi’s alleged ‘feats’. The Alliance also intends to approach the elected officials and corporate leaders in the US to inform them about Modi’s failure and regressive strategies for the citizens of India that caused negative impacts on human rights, religious freedom, the environment, shrink the space for civil liberties under his regime so far.


“Silicon Valley leaders and the general American public need to recognize how dangerous Modi’s record in office is. Instead offering Modi and his supporters an opportunity to whitewash his past crimes and gloss over his present policies, we ask them to hold Modi and his government accountable for the seer threat to the freedoms and rights of all Indians”, said Pieter Friedrich with Sikh Information Centre at the Alliance.

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