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Mina stampede 2015 becomes the deadliest ever Hajj incident


The annual pilgrimage of Muslims, Hajj 2015 was intervened by two horrific incidents which left Muslims of world saddened over the tragic demises.


A new tally shows that the Mina stampede which erupted on 24th September was the deadliest ever event to strike the annual religious obligations of Muslims. As reported by the Associated Press, the death toll of this year Mina tragedy has reached 1,453.

The AP report is derived from the statements and officials’ comments from the 19 of the over 180 countries that sent citizens to the five-day annual pilgrimage.


Earlier to this, 1990 Hajj incident was considered as the most deadly in the history of Annual pilgrimage. So far, Saudi Arabia is acquiring the harms of the Mina Stampede, although their official figures claim that 769 were killed and 934 were injured in the Mina incident.

Overview of the previous deadliest Hajj incident 1990:

1990: This incident was the most horrific in terms of casualties, as this left 1426 people died. It was said to be the most tragic Haj incident, which took place as some of the pilgrims stayed in middle of the air-conditioned tunnel (Al-Ma’asim) and the stuck pilgrims rushed down to get out of it. Some sources also claim that the ventilators weren’t working at the moment and it was quite suffocated inside.

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