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Japanese Husband put to death after wife discovered his affair


TOKYO: A Japanese women who took revenge to her husband and put him to death over having a love affair in his youth.


After being arrested and trialled, the 71-year-old woman said that she was frustrated that her 79-year-old husband had recently narrated his affair of 1979 with a young girl, admitting he went on trips with her.

‘That’s what I didn’t want to hear the most,’ she told the Tokyo District Court.

The woman, who got married at the age of 20, said she never have had any affairs. She said that she was aware of her husband that he cheated on her but did not confront him, fearing her children would be psychologically effected seeing the quarrel between the parents.


She said that she was under added pressure as she had to take care of her husband regularly since he needed care due to cancer surgery.

Owing to her strong regrets during the trial, the court suspended her sentence for five years after handed over a three-year prison sentence. However, the suspension of sentence in a homicide case is a quite rare occurrence in the country.

Violence and abuse against aged and servile people, especially those who are suffering from dementia, is not unusual in Japan. In the light of a 2013 survey carried out by the health minister, 15,731 people aged 65 or above were abused by their families or relatives.

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