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Japan introduces toilet facility in its elevators


TOKYO: Japan is going to introduce the facility of toilet and drinking water in the elevators for the users. Japanese government would also install small chairs in the elevators for old people because the number of old people in Japan is higher than in any other country.


An agreement has been signed between Japanese government and the organization of elevator manufacturers to provide water and toilet facility in the elevators.

The toilets would be made with the help of card board and water proof material. Small chairs would also be installed in some of the elevators for old people to sit and the same chairs con be converted into toilets when it is needed.


This decision has been taken by the Japanese government due to earth quakes. In Japan, most of the elevators automatically halt during earth quakes and other natural disasters. Moreover, during the last earth quake number of people got trapped in the elevators of different buildings due to power failure.

More than 600,000 elevators are currently working in Japan out of which 20 % are in Tokyo. The experts have predicted that severe quakes can hit Japan in the next few decades and number of people can trap in the elevators due to this danger.  

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