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Jains must not follow path of Muslims, become fanatics: Shiv Sena


NEW DELHI: Indian extremist Hindu group Shiv Sena stoutly reprimanded the Jain community being adamant on a ban on meet during Paryushan Para, admonishing it not to take on the ‘sons of the soil’ along with such demands.


Jains must not follow the path of Muslims and become fanatics. At least Muslims have Pakistan to go to. Where will the Jains go?” an editorial published on Thursday quoted Shiv Sena’s words.

The editorial said that the community would ‘bit the dust’ in the case it kept adamant with such demands as to take on the ‘sons of the soil’.

‘Paryushan Parva’ is a period of eight-day when Jain community observe fast and pray, while the authorities in Maharashtra inflicted a four-day ban on meat.

Jain community sections have been insisting for a ban on animal slaughtering during the occasion of Paryushan Parva, saying their faith stresses on non-violence.


On the other hand, the editorial claimed that the Jain communities stress on non-violence is hypocritical, reminding it of the riots erupted in 1992-93.

“The Sena protected Jains and their businesses from mobs. Hordes of Jains queued up outside Matoshree, wanting to than Balasaheb for this. Why didn’t they remember this doctrine of non-violence then?” stated in the editorial.

It further asked: “If a terrorist like Ajmal Kasab was to enter Mumbai during this period, would a Jain protect him from being killed and instead offer up his own life?”

Another questioned is raised in the editorial maintaining: “A large number of the city’s builders are Jains and have no scruples receiving black money from flat buyers. Accepting black money is a sin and also a form of violence. Do they stop accepting black money during Paryushan”?

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