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Israeli incursions on Gaza enter seventh day


GAZA CITY: Israel has hit the Gaza Strip with air strikes and artillery fire on the seventh day of its offensive and as diplomatic efforts to stop the massacre emphasized.


The three training facilities of Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, around the coastal territory have been stuck by aircraft early on Monday, which, however, as said by eyewitnesses, caused no casualties.

However, an unspecified number of people have been injured in the northern town of Jabaliya, Deir el-Balah in the southern part of the strip and buildings in Gaza City which have been targeted. There was shelling reported in Beit Lahiya, in the far north of the strip, where Israel had earlier warned inhabitants of an impending attack.

World authorities managed to meet over the spiraling ferocity as the Palestinian death toll from the Israel air strikes hit 172 with another 1,230 people wounded, as said by the emergency services which also revealed that about 17,000 residents have taken shelter in installation of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. With the rising in death toll, most of the victims were civilians, putting their number at more than 130, among them 35 children and 26 women, as claimed by the Gaza-base Palestinian Center for human rights which also revealed that 147 homes have been devastated while hundreds are badly damaged.


On the other hand, no Israelis have been killed so far despite the hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas into the country since the fighting began on July 8, according to an army spokesperson who also said that around 160 had been deflected.

Regardless the increasing calls for ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister said that the military was hitting Hamas “with growing force”, warning there was no end in sight.

“We do not know when this operation will end,” said he.

As stated by a senior State Department official, US Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Netanyahu to renew a US offer to help step in a truce and he “highlighted the US apprehension about growing tensions on the ground.”

Kerry also said that he had negotiated with regional leaders “to help to stop the rocket fire so clam can be restored and civilian casualties prevented”.

On the Palestinian side, president Mahmud Abbas said he would ask UN chief Ban Ki-moon to “put the State of Palestine under the UN international protection system” in order to address the violence in Gaza.

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