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ISIS militants Eager for wives


The unmarried hardliners of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are searching for unmarried girls in their occupied region to force them into weddings.
Iraq’s largest oil refinery has been undergoing a struggle to survive from ISIS militants out Baiji, where as the residents face the fears of their unmarried females to abduct for marriages. Baiji is completely under the control of ISIS where the militants are visiting every home and verifying about the number of married and unmarried women in the house by seeing their marital status on ID cards. “I asked them that there were only two women in the house and both were married,” Abu Lahid told British newspaper. “They said that many of their mujahedin (fighters) were unmarried and wanted a wife. They insisted on coming into my house to look at the women’s ID cards.” According to ISIS, their force men have been instructed not to harm locals if they are followers of Sunni Sect, but in many places, ISIS is enforcing their stuffy religious practices as major population of the captured region belongs to Shia Sect. Merchants and farmers were ordered for reasonable prices of their goods. Generally patterns of tolerance and moderation are shown but would be proved short-term. People, first welcomed ISIS over removal of checkpoints causing slow movements within city, now had captured in scared to change in religion. A wife and a husband in Mosul were reportedly beaten as the women was not wearing ‘niqqab’ cloak but a headscarf only.




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