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ISIS employing social media to propagate Agenda


Iraq’s Sunni Islamists tyrants of ISIS, augment their ability for war on ground with their knack to become wild on internet.
The fundamentalist group controlling northern and western region of Iraq, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has declared  self-proclaimed ‘Caliphate’ , however,knowing all the tricks of the trade when it comes to using social media.


ISIS took over  FIFA World Cup hashtags on Twitter, interrupting soccer fans with their junks. They used Facebook as death threat generator, JustPaste to upload lengthy sermons, SoundCloud for Jihadi music, YouTube and Twitter for videos of massacre killings of Iraqi soldiers. A study published on the website of the SITE Intelligent Group, tells the online insurgencies of the Jihadi group.
Rita Katz, a terrorism analyst, has conducted the study. “ISIS, as well as its fighters and supporters, quickly adopted these tools and has been utilizing the latest Internet technologies and social media outlets to maintain massive, sophisticated online media campaigns used to promote jihad, communicate, recruit and intimidate,” Ms. Katz wrote. When ISIS gone wild online, Governments interrupted by unplugging their digital connectivity, surprisingly ISIS’s engineers set up mobile hot spots offering Internet access.
They tried all nuts to get online traffic, especially by suicidal attacks on Twitter hastags, related to the FIFA World Cup, seized soccer lovers into their misinformation rather getting news about the ongoing tournament in Brazil. Once ISIS uploaded a terrifying video of the beheading of a police officer on Twitter, with the message: “This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup.”


Experts monitoring extremists ‘ online presence have reservations over policies of social networking sites. “Twitter must adapt to these new circumstances and become more proactive in deterring such activity,” Ms. Katz said. “It has the capability to carry out account monitoring and suspensions on much larger scales than it has thus far.” In response to inquiries about ISIS’s Twitter presence, Nu Wexler, a Twitter spokesman, said: “We don’t comment on individual accounts or suspensions. We do not proactively monitor content on the platform, but we review accounts when they’re reported to us and suspend them if they violate our rules.”

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