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Iraq’s parliament session adjourned over clashes among legislators


 The first session of new parliament in Iraq, called on to establish new authority while the country is experiencing seizure by Sunni hardliners, was tumbled down into turmoil on Tuesday. Regardless of the concerns of world leaders and top clerics over Iraq current circumstances and their calls for alienated politicians to unite, lawmakers were failed to meet the terms of constitution to elect a speaker in first session and the session ended in panic.
The existing parliament was elected in April, in which Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is striving to remain the powerful man of the country for the third time. His reluctance, to step aside created anarchy in the country over allegations of maltreatment of power and sectarianism, affording the country’s large region of five provinces with a complete black out of government, worsening the situation with Sunni Islamists capturing the region. The weeks-long crisis raised concerns among the world leaders, massacre of Iraqi soldiers by ISIS, and displaced thousands of innocents. The discord among parliamentarians emerged quickly during the session including walkouts, verbal threats to each other and prolonged confusion over the country’s constitution.


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