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Iranian official arrested for accuse rape of Kurdish Girl ‘Farinaz Khosrawani’


IRAN: Hundreds of ethnic Kurds clashed with security officials and set fire to Tara Hotel in the city of northwestern Iran. Kurds were rioting over the mysterious death of young chambermaid ‘Farinaz Khosrawani’ in Mahabad. Local authorities said that accused officer  has been arrested over the death of chambermaid.


The reason behind the riots was the mysterious death of a 25-year-old Farinaz Khosrawani, who worked on the fourth floor of the Tara Hotel. One Monday, May 04, Farinaz died after plummeting from the fourth floor of the hotel where she worked as a chambermaid to an Iranian officer.


Protesters alleged that Farinaz was trying to escape being raped by an Iranian security official when she either fell or committed suicide. Aslam Heydari, Mahabad’s prosecutor, said to the Iran’s official news agency IRNA that investigation in the death of chambermaid is being conducted very carefully.

On the other hand, Hotel Tara was set on fire by the Kurds protestors and 25 people including seven police officers  were injured in the violence.



Alireza Radfar, the deputy governor of West Azerbaijan for political, security and social officers said that likely accused has no relation with security bodies and he was present in Mahabad Tara Hotel as a private consultant. Radfar added that media is spreading lies in connection with issue.

“After last night’s violence, tensions are running high in Mahabad and other Kurdish-majority towns and cities. Law enforcement officials have the right to defend themselves and a duty to protect the safety of the public, but they must comply with international standards governing the use of force in their policing of any further protests”, Said Boumedouha, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Middle East and North Africa.


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