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Iranian film ‘Muhammad’: First part released to show the rightfulness of Islam


TEHRAN: The chronicle movie on the childhood of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Iran’s most expensive film so far, hit the cinemas across Iran on Thursday with positive response from the audience.


The movie received massive audience that compelled the cinema authorities to add to additional shows on the very first day of the movie.

The director of the movie Majid Majidi said the movie aimed at reclaiming the rightful image of Islam which he said fanatics have misrepresented.

“Unfortunately at this time the impression of Islam is of a radical, fanatical and violent religion, which is not what is not what it’s about,” said Majidi at the international premier of the film in Montreal.

“The barbaric acts of terrorism conducted by terrorist groups under the guise of Islam are not related to Islam,” he said alluding to beheading and obliteration of cultural treasures by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

“Islam is a religion of Peace, friendship and love, and I tried to show this in the film,” added the director.

The 171-minute movies is replete with visually astounding effects and produced with partly funded by the state out of total $40 million and movie took more than sevens years to conclude.


The movie has been shoot amidst the yellow sand dunes of Arabs depicting 1,400 year old land of the Prophet (PBUH). It makes the viewers back to the birth day of the Prophet (PBUH) up to his adolescence, and is teem with scenes featuring miracles.

The crew of the film, which includes three-time Oscar-winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, India’s Allah Rakha Rahman, a double Academy Award winner for the Danny Boyle – directed blockbuster Slumdog Millionaire, is quite hopeful regarding movie’s winning the heart of audience.

The movies is trilogy and this is the first part, which has been released depicting the early life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). However, the announcement for the release of remaining parts covering the rest of the life of Prophet (PBUH) has not been made yet.

Audience Response:

A 21 year-old young, who was accompanied with his family of seven members said: “I think this film can be a starting point of research for those who don’t know Islam”.

“It’s attractive enough to draw an audience,” a cinema worker.

“I had heard so much about it… but, to be honest, my expectations were much higher than what I saw,” a film direction student.

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