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Indonesian man dies after choking in KFC’s chicken eating contest


A 45-year-old Indonesian man suffocate to death on Saturday during a chicken eating competition in Jakarta capital of Indonesia.


This contest was arranged by fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) on Friday, and the three participant, who take part in this contest to eat chicken wings in the little amount of time.KFC

According to Police, the victim suffocate, drank water and died despite being given medical aid.

Earlier, In January, a three-year-old girl died after coking on a toy who is hidden inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.


The mother of girl told the police during the investigation, the child swallowed a small plastic wheel that has become separate from a toy hidden inside the egg, a very famous product made by Italian company6 Ferrero.

“The child’s grandfather arrived on the spot, speedily try to extract the object”, but the girl has dropped into coma and at last died on Saturday night in a hospital in the southwestern city of Toulouse, Prosecutor Cecile Deprade said in her statement.

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