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Indian Prime Minister visits disputed Kashmir


Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, on Tuesday made a visit to the disputed region of Kashmir. After a long gap of 15 years, Modi being Indian Prime Minister will visit the Siachen Glacier hail the popularity as the world’s highest battlefield.


This travelling of India’s newly elected leader, was made while the stresses are at the highest in the disputed Kashmir zone, with India and Pakistan accusing each other for violations of ceasefire on Monday.

Modi landed at Leh which is the Himalayan town on Tuesday morning and tweeted on his official twitter account.


“There was a time when PMs never visited this state. I have come here two times already. Your affection draws me here,” Modi tweeted.

He thinks himself to be the fortunate as working as a BJP worker in Kashmir and the region had supported him in tough times.

“I always wish that with the new responsibility, I can do as much as possible for this region,” the Indian premier said further in his tweet.

Modi will be the first Indian Prime Minister as he is scheduled to visit the most sensitive area of Kargil, which erupted in war between India and Pakistan.

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