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Indian goddess tattoo: Australian visitor compelled to render apology


BENGALURU: An Australian tourist was allegedly harassed and compelled to render apology when an unruly mob in Bengaluru objected his having tattoo of a Hindu goddess on his shin.


The Australian citizen, Matt Keith stated that he along with his friend Emily were assaulted and forced by a mob outside a restaurant on Residency Road on Saturday over exhibiting a tattoo of a goddess, Yellamm on his shin.

When the reports of chasing the visitors reached the concerned police station, the police approached the spot and took the duo to Ashoknagar police station.


Keith accused that he was forced by mob as well as police to write an apologising letter for ‘offending Hindu religious beliefs’ by sketching this sort of tattoo.

Addressed to the sub-inspector of Ashok Nagar police station, the letter reads:

“My name is Mathew visiting from Melbourne, Australia. I am very sorry for offending Hindu religious beliefs by my tattoo. I didn’t know of this auspicious custom in regard to tattoo placement. I will make sure to cover it up until I am in India. Thanking you for educating me on what is appropriate. I am also extremely sorry for using inappropriate language.”

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