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Imran Khan writes letter to Ban Ki-Moon asking to end genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar


Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has written a letter to United Nations appealing to take notice of massacre in Myanmar.


The letter raised the question over UN’s silence and inaction on the continuing plight and persecution of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. It says that it is shameful the UN which fails to fulfil its basic principles of upholding human rights and protecting people from genocide.

The letter also highlights the number of Rohingya Muslims had to flee abroad under desperate circumstances.


In the letter, Mr Khan also mentioned that Rohingya crisis has unfolded the prevalent hypocrisy of international community on human rights and humanitarian interventions.



Referring to the Chapter VII of the UN Charter, Imran requested the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, to move the UNSC to end the persecution and genocide of Rohingyas and to bring to an end their inhumane plight on the high seas.

On his twitter account, Imran also said that Turkish President Erdogan orders Turkish naval ships to help the suffering Rohingya refugees on high seas. He also criticises Pakistan government at its silence over the situation.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan, one of the leading politicians of Pakistan, has taken the step to move the United Nations to take serious actions against the massacre in Myanmar after seeing inexplicable brutality against Rohingya Muslims and their pathetic condition.

Thousands of Rohingya community Muslims have been slain so far and they are still facing inhuman situation under the hostile conditions of living in Myanmar.imran khan

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