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Immigrants paid to marry Icelandic women in Iceland is a Fake Story


Apart from bringing unheard stories in to light, internet also floats many of the fake stories which left many people shock and many of the netizens spread that piece of information believing that everything on internet is true.


Here we have got another story for you which tells that Immigrants are paid $5,000 per month to marry Icelandic women as their is shortage of men. The story is a pure cooked up story and has not even a far away link with Iceland’s rules for Immigrants.


It will be relevant to mention here that Iceland is regarded as one of the best place for women on planet Earth and with this eye-catching offer it also seemed a superb place for Immigrants men residing across the globe as it offers good money for marrying the Nordic beauty of Iceland.

The story is a fake one and Iceland is not up with any such offer.

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  1. I agree to this offer …. I want come in to iceland and get marry ..

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