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Huge iceberg Larsen C loosened in Antarctic


An enormous iceberg,  has come off the coast of Antarctica. Now you must map drawn, according to lead researcher.
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Calf None took place sometime between Monday and Wednesday since a 5.800 square kilometers large piece of ice shelf Larsen C loosened, according to a statement from the British research project Project Midas, led by Swansea University.


Last week showed satellite images published by the European Space Agency (ESA) that a 200-kilometer-long crack had almost shared the ice sheet from the rest of the ice shelf, reports said. Now the breach is a fact.

We have been waiting for this to happen for several months, and have been surprised at how long it took before the rift broke through the last few kilometers of ice. We will continue to monitor the impact of calving and the fate of this large iceberg, says Adrian Luckman, project manager and professor at Swansea University.

The New York Times says Luckman that after what scientists know, is the remaining part of the Larsen C-brim now less than ever. This is a big change. Map will have drawn, he said to the newspaper .

Do not know what will happen
That iceberg loosened, however, has no immediate effect on the sea level, according Project Midas.


– The iceberg is one of the largest recorded, and its future is difficult to predict. It may remain in one piece, but it is more likely that it is broken up into several parts. Some of the ice may remain in the area for decades, while parts of the iceberg can drive north to warmer water, says Luckman.

2003: The largest glacier in the Arctic crumbles

Larsen ice shelf consists of several parts and is located on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Project Midas researchers have monitored the crack i Larsen C shelf for several years, after the disintegration of Larsen A shelf in 1995 and the breakup of Larsen B shelf in 2002.

In January, May and June, it was discovered major changes in the tear i Larsen C.

Not the same characters
A warmer climate played probably a role in the changes of both the Larsen A and B, but C seems to be different, according to BBC.

We do not see the same dilution as we looked at the Larsen A and B, said Professor Helen Fricker at Research Institute Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the broadcaster.Most glaciologists are not particularly worried about what happens on Larsen C, yet. It is “business as usual,” says Fricker.

2002: Giant iceberg separating from Ross-brim

LAST YEAR: The US space agency NASA announced this image of a deep rift i Larsen C-brim on December 1 last year. </ P>

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