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Hosting Refugees: Pakistan’s distinct Position by UN Report


KARACHI: Pakistan provided shelter to 1.5 million refugees and has second position after Turkey which hosts 1.59 million, according to a report by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


At an event on World Refugee Day, Shah Ahmed Saeed consul general of Afghanistan said, “It is frightening that populations are forced to migrate to other countries leaving their homes due to  rise of brutality and emergence of new disputes and conflicts. This is an international tragedy and catastrophe which needs global attention to deal with.”

When refugees flee their own countries, most of them wind up in the world’s less-developed nations, with Turkey, Iran and Pakistan hosting the largest numbers.


Most of the migrated people took refuge in world’s less-developed countries i.e. Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

According to report of UNHCR, at the end of 2014, the world’s top host for refugees was Turkey, sheltering 1.59 million people, followed by Pakistan (1.51 million) and Lebanon (1.15 million).

It has been mentioned in the report that up-to the end of 2014 about 59.5 million people were forced to flee their homes and got refuge in other countries as a result of persecution, violence, conflict, wars or human rights violations.

In 2009, 41 percent of refugees were children  but now the refugee children are more than 50 percent.

Highest number of refuges were the result of Syria conflict, while from Afghanistan  world’s most expanded refugee population was produced,  with 95% of this population being in Pakistan & Iran.

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