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Honeybee compels the flight for emergency landing


LONDON: Sometimes a tine thing becomes the cause of a great accident and the same incident happened with a plane of British Airline when a honeybee compelled the flight for emergency landing after entering into its technical instrument.


As per details, as soon the flight of British Airline took off from Southampton airport towards Dublin, the pilot felt some technical problem in the plane and immediately decided to land the plane. When the engineers started searching the fault in the plane, they were amazed to see a honey bee trapped in the instruments of the plane. The jet had to land only because of that honey bee.


The plane had to stay at the airport for two hours just because of that bee and the affected instrument had also to be changed in the meanwhile.

The spokesman of the airline told that flight 384 E was landed back due to some technical problem and this step was taken for the safety of passengers.    

It is to be noted that such type of incidents did happen in the past when the planes were crashed due to such minor insects. In 1996 Boeing 757 crashed due to insect trapped in its instrument in which 189 passengers lost their lives.

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