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Google to offer online IT degrees in India


The pair collaborated with Indian multination brand Tata to provide online technical training courses, aiming to teach software developers to design apps for Android, the Google-supported mobile operating mechanism.


The degrees, casting INR9,800 per month, will take six to nine month in accomplishing with topics from US based Google instructors. Students will be accommodated with 50% refund after graduation.

The Big-G is searching to cash in on skilling up maximum of India’s 3.6 million developers, the second largest number globally, while at the same time searching more developers having potential to program for Android devices.


“While India has millions of software developers, we still lag behind in creating world-class apps,” Rajan Anandan, the Google India managing director told media in Bangalore.

The students to be offered 1,000 as scholarship by the companies and after graduation they will be invited to a job fair next year hosted by Google in India.

On the other hand, India also brags off great number of engineering and IT specialists who have gone abroad to shine in the much developed corporate world, including Google’s new chief executive Sundar Pichai and Microsoft boss Satya Nadella.

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