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Geeta’s DNA not matched with of her ‘believed’ family


After long years of leaving away from her family and getting hospitality from Pakistan, finally 23 years old Geeta, a hearing and speech impaired girl was sent back to her ‘believed’ parents in India.


In last month October, Geeta was sent to India, where she was received by the higher communities of India and her ‘believed parents were also there on the scene.

Earlier, Geeta identified the Mahato’s family as of hers after viewing the photos sent by the Indian High Commission. However, just hours after stepping in Delhi she told that she had been mistaken as Mohato family is not her parents.

It is told that further up her DNA  didn’t matched with of her ‘belived family, although many other families have claimed Geeta as their daughter. But the final decision will be taken afterward matching of the DNA.


It is also told that Geeta is currently residing in a rehabilitation center for hearing and speech impaired in Indore and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will be coming to acquire about Geeta’s well being on November 23.

Geeta is the Indian girl who inadverently crossed the Pak-Ind border, when she was just at the age of around 10 years. It is belived that this young girl crossed the border mistakenly, and was further handed to the largest charity foundation of the country, Edhi Foundation. Where she was comnpletely facilitated and was even provided with separate place for her prayers as she was of Hindu belief.

Geeta’s story came in light after Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan released which unfolds the story of a mute girl, who gets stranded in India.


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