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Full veil ban uphold by European Court


The France’s ban on wearing the Muslim full-face veil has been maintained by the European Court of Human Rights.


A petition was filed by a 24-year old French woman, stated that it is her liberty to wearing the veil in public and that the ban is against the rule of basic human rights and freedom.

However, the plea has been declined by the court declaring that nobody is allowed to wear such clothes which helps hiding the face in public, according to the law. And the person who is found to break this law will be fined 150-euro.

The former conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy declared the previous law in 2010.


The court managed that the ban “was not expressly based on the religious connotation of the clothing in question but solely on the fact that it concealed the face”.

The court verdict said that the ruling also “took into account the state’s submission that the face played a significant role in social interaction.

“The Court was also able to understand the view that individuals might not wish to see, in places open to all, practices or attitudes which would fundamentally call into question the possibility of open interpersonal relationships, which, by virtue of an established consensus, formed and indispensable element of community life within the society in question.


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